Fashion dLAB is built on reliable software architecture that keeps product information up to date and organized. Functionalities are tailored to the fashion process.

Centralising data and streamline the processes

The robust database is built to collect, validate and enrich a large volume of product information. Whether it is about SKUs, design sketches, images, videos, CAT documents, product descriptions or technical data. Even with hundreds of thousands of products and multiple distribution channels, Fashion dLAB can handle it all. Even the toolkit for print catalogue managing is fully tailored to the wishes of the fashion brand.

Simple and well-arranged

PIM Fashion 3.0 is a cloud-based product information management system, tailored to the needs and wishes of brands and labels in fashion. Experience how easy it can be to organize and share information. PIM Fashion 3.0 can be implemented quickly and easily linked to existing ERP and CRM systems.

Taspac interface example

Sales channel optimisation

Reselling in the various sales channels is perhaps your biggest challenge for fashion brands and labels today. Retailers are becoming more erratic in their purchasing policy, where stock risks and write-down are increasingly being addressed. PIM Fashion 3.0 is aimed at optimally supporting resale at retail partners based on individual information needs.

Fewer returns

Those who shop online want to be well informed in advance. All too often the information is not in order and the product turns out differently on delivery. Brands and labels that succeed in coming across as complete are seen as reliable. They can count on repeat purchases and fewer returns. With PIM Fashion 3.0 you ensure that every sales channel has the correct and most up-to-date product information.

Retour package

New sales channels

E-commerce companies such as Amazon, BOL and Zalando are growing strongly in the Fashion industry. The quality of the product feeds determines the ranking. PIM Fashion 3.0 has a number of standard plug-ins, with which you can link product feeds directly to the sales channels of these new players. logo
Zalando logo logo
Google Shopping Logo

Translate automatically

Fashion companies that go international soon face the challenge of multilingual product information. Let your content be translated by locals. PIM Fashion 3.0 has a plug-in for Google Translate and Live Words, with which information can be translated quickly and reliably into any desired language.

Google Translate logo
Livewords logo

Razor sharp image editing

Creating or editing fashion images freestanding is very labor intensive. Within TASPAC 3.0 we have a standard plugin for this: Clipping. You can easily offer, check and manage assignments in a very user-friendly way. The entire workflow is automated and takes place within the application. This makes online image editing even easier.

Mr. Clipping Example


Branding in Fashion is the lifeblood of every brand. It tells the story that you want to convey. The experience or the feeling that your consumers, but also internal employees, retail partners and agents are trying to communicate about your brand. PIM Fashion 3.0 is therefore more than a functional product information management system. We configure the portal in the style of your own corporate identity.

Branding example

Shop-the-look function

You want to give consumers ideas and encourage them to buy your product. The total picture must therefore be complete: good product visuals in a lifestyle environment, combined with reliable product information. With the Shop-the-look function you can easily link lifestyle images or commercials to functional product information.

Shop-the-look example


Good teamwork and collaboration go hand in hand when creating collections. The condition is that you all have the same information. With PIM Fashion 3.0 you can easily create teams within your organization. All members of the team group have access to the same information.

Snelle implementatie

Quickly booking results is crucial when implementing new software. Because our implementation team has a lot of experience and insight into the specific business processes of the industry, we have developed an accelerated implementation method for PIM Fashion 3.0.